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Service assistance all over India within 48 hours.

When your have bought a 'Swastik' brand deep drawing double action power press, Slitting line machine, service might be needed in few exceptional cases. The 'Swastik' brand power press is a high quality product, thoroughly worked out and tested in every detail. The machine is built from high quality standards and all standard components are of well-known brands.

All 'Swastik' brand presses are therefore covered under the general 12 months or max 2000 operational hours works guarantee.

Prior to and after expiration of the guarantee period break-down; could unfortunately happen and then it is comfort to know that our staff of well experienced service-men are able to grant you prompt assistance.

As you may know, wastage of operational hours is very expensive, consequently it is very important to assist the customer's immediately. We are assisting our customers all over India within 48 hours.